When considering a return to work, one of the key concerns for many of my non-working professional clients is a lack of flexible work options – with most saying they would return to work tomorrow if there were more flexible options.

These women come from highly skilled professional backgrounds – law, accounting, finance, architecture, science, medicine.

When it comes to harnessing our collective innovation, creativity and ideas – there is a hell of a lot more organisations can do.

Most of the women I coach who are non-working professionals were at management or higher levels when they left work, often to take on a caregiving role.

Highly skilled professional women, with limited channels to find flexible or part time work, often don’t return to the work force and for business this means women’s skills and knowledge are lost.

There is a wealth of knowledge, skill and ambition at the school gate.

Part time and flexible work options can provide niche skills and part time or short term hire solutions to businesses working in a dynamic economy.

Businesses that have an inclusive culture, flexible work options, support work/life integration and have avenues to success that are open for all are in a good place when it comes to attracting and retaining highly skilled professional women.