So you have made the decision to change career, what now?

Now you need to identify what area you want to move into and what your transferable skills are.

We all hear the term ‘transferable skills’ but what does that mean and how do you identify what yours are?

In assessing your transferable skills you need to look at your own experience to see how you can fill the gaps in the sector you want to move into, how you can stand out, have a point of difference.

If you want to change career direction you first have to go back – and reflect on your career to date, what skills and knowledge you have acquired?

Here is a way to start that process:


  • What have you achieved in your career to date? What successes and accomplishments stand out? What skills did you draw upon to achieve this?
  • When you have reached a goal you set for yourself, it what skills have you used to reach it?
  • When faced with challenges, what tools and skills have you used to deal with the issues faced?
  • What role has your personal qualities played in your successes?
  • How have you worked in a team? How do you motivate and lead others?
  • How have you worked to integrate your personal and professional life? What self-management skills have you used in this?

Now to look at what are your transferable skills? Start by asking yourself:

  1. What are your core values?
  2. What do you love doing?
  3. What can you do for hours and it only feels like only a moment?
  4. What are you good at?
  5. What 3 adjectives best describe you?
  6. What has been your work experience to date?
  7. What inspires you?
  8. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Looking at your answers to the above 1 – 9 questions how can you articulate them as skills?

And the final question.

9. Who do you dream of working for?

Now take your transferable skills and consider how they can serve a need within this business and businesses like it.