We are often told that it is through personal growth that we can have success. We are sold the idea that if we do that personal growth stuff, it will get us to the top of the mountain where we can promptly put down our bag, sit down and bask in the glory, not having to do the hard work ever again.

This is a myth.

Success is not a destination. We set out to achieve a goal and when we get there, what do we want? Another challenge, another opportunity.

Success, reaching our full potential, is not a rock, it is a river. It is not a destination, it is part of the journey.

We can be successful every day, we can life our values and to our full potential every day, and still move toward a goal, desire, vision.

Being focused on the idea that success is a destination takes us out of the present moment, ‘ill be happy when…’, ‘ill be successful when…’ , causing you to miss out on enjoying the journey.

When we reframe this and focus on the journey, the river, we get present in the here and now.

Whether you call it personal development, personal growth, self-actualization, self-transcendence, or spirituality it does not matter. What matters is realising that we are born to walk the journey of life with the ultimate goal of becoming the best human we can be.

Laura Carrocci, Founder and Managing Director of The Collective Organisation. Life Coach and Strategist.