Today I am launching a new personalised one-on-one coaching program that will commence in January 2017.

WHO this program is for

This program is for people who want to take responsibility for their life, own their dreams and move forward, grow and look back in December 2017 and be able to honesty say that they are a bigger, better version of themselves than in December 2016.

If you have a vision of having a thriving business, a healthier body, a better relationship, a successful career, a personal and professional life that is in flow, a vision of what you want your life to look like in 12 months’ time this program is for you.

If you want to clear a way, sort out what is draining your energy and find your vision for 2017 this program is for you

Think about how you want to live your life. Right now are you struggling to prioritise, to be more productive? Do you need help finding direction in work and life? Do you long for passion and purpose? Do you want life to be simpler? Do you want to minimise stress, overcome burnout be calmer, happier and more mindful? Do you have a goal, a dream, about your career, personal life, health, relationships but are not sure how to get there?

This program will inspire you to maximise your personal and professional potential. It will give you clarity of vision and clear purpose.

WHAT the program involves

12 x 1 hour one-on-one coaching sessions, held monthly with personal workbooks emailed to you to complete in the weeks in between the sessions.

Session 1: Reflection

· Who are you?

· Reflections on the year that has been and on your life experiences

· What defines you as a person

Session 2: Discover Yourself

· Identify your core values: so you can make informed decisions about your future

· What is your personal definition of success?

· Recognise limiting beliefs: move forward stop self-sabotage

Session 3: Take Responsibility for Your Life

· What drains your energy: create strategies to remove them, or counter them

· Clear a path to your goals: clean up life to have more energy and motivation

· Keys to success

Session 4: Live by design

· Clear a path to success

· Plan, Schedule, commit to your future

· Design your life

Session 5: Design Your Future

· 3 year vision. 1 year goals. Break the cycle of repetition in your life

· Self-manage your day, week, month and year. Create space for focus and time for progress

· Tips and tools

Session 6: What are your Obstacles?

· Fear, Discomfort, Pain

· Overcome what is holding you back

· Embrace discomfort and change

Session 7: Manage your Mind

· Stress, Anxiety, Resentment, Blame

· Thoughts

· Feelings

· Actions

Session 8: What are Your Priorities?

· How to determine your personal priorities

· How to set them and honour them

· Check in with your progress toward your 2017 vision

Session 9: Emotional Awareness

· Take responsibility for your emotions

· You are contagious

· Lead from within

Session 10: Dreams and Desires

· Room for growth

· Where can you challenge yourself

· Where are you coasting?

· Slow sink v Growth

Session 11: Reflection

· Reflections on 2017

· Success, challenge, lessons learnt

· Where to next?

Session 12: Vision, Clarity and Confidence for 2018

· Set the Vision

· Self-coaching tools for the year ahead

· Strategy for success

HOW the program works

This program involves my commitment to you for a year as your personal one-on-one coach.

The program involves 12 x 1 hour coaching sessions, held monthly. These sessions are conducted via telephone. The sessions are structured to suit you and your coaching aims.

Before each session you receive number of workbooks to complete and return prior to the coaching session. Between each session you can contact me via email as much as you like and I will always get back to you in a timely manner.

The cost of the program is $400.00 plus GST per month and can be tax deductible.

You can choose to opt out of the program at any time.

If you commit to this program for 12 months and do the work your life will change for the better.

There are only 10 spaces available for this program. For more information email