If the consumption of information, goal setting and strategy was all that we needed to reach our full potential all of us would have a billion dollars in the bank and 6 pack abs. With the internet we can access the information and knowledge we need on a subject and all of us know how to turn a goal into plans, processes and metrics.

Coaching that focuses on goal setting and strategy alone will always fall short of the mark when it comes to facilitating real progress and growth. That is because tactical planning that focuses on the process alone only works in a vacuum. Real life is not a vacuum, it is uncertain and ever changing.

Coaching that goes one step further, developing resilience, adaptive performance, a framework rather than a formula that is actionable for the unique individual or organisation is where coaching can create real results and growth.

Printing off that training program and sticking it to the fridge, taking your competitors model for workplace culture and uploading it onto your website, looking to your mentor in your career and trying to replicate their journey only gets you half way there. To reach your full potential, to wake up to the possibility in your life, requires not just commitment to a goal and strategy to succeed, but a realistic way forward, a framework that is actionable in your life or organisation.