Today I witnessed the results of indecision and decisiveness in all their stark contrasts.

A client was energised, motivated and inspired when she made a firm decision to prioritise her wellbeing, she committed 100% and took quitting off the table. This opened up her mind to only ideas and strategies that would propel her forward, toward her goal. She was out of the cave and not going back in. She woke up to the potential and the possibility in her life. This was one of those punch the sky coaching moments that I love!

In stark contrast I witnessed a business be paralysed in indecision and procrastination. With a scarcity mindset and coming from a place of fear and mistrust they literally ‘cut off their nose to spite their face’. It was frustrating and very disappointing to witness.

The lesson as I see it.

Indecision, procrastination, apathy and viewing the world from a place of scarcity, fear and mistrust – are the kiss of death.

When we open up our mind to the fact that we are pure potential, pure possibility and take responsibility for our lives we can create the life we want. Decide, commit and take quitting off the table. This is how you grow into your potential. This is how you wake up to the possibility in your life.