Work life balance. Bah blah blah.

This illusive work life balance that we are all meant to be working toward is not only impossible to achieve, but I don’t believe we truly want it.

To evenly distribute ourselves and our time between all our different responsibilities? No thanks.

What I think we are all seeking is a sense of alignment. Where everything is in its rightful position.

So what does that look like?

I believe it is knowing what your highest priorities are right now and ensuring that they are reflected in how you spend your time.

What are your top priorities this week? Health, family, work, friendship, moving house, caring for a sick relative, nursing a broken arm, developing a new idea, reading a book, starting to write a book, going slow, going fast?

Our priorities change, sometimes in the moment when our child falls ill or when we injure ourselves, sometimes in the time of year when a number of projects are on the go at work. They change in the year, in the season of life. What matters is knowing what is important to you, right now, today, this week, and ensuring that how you spend your time reflects this.

List your top 2 priorities in your personal life and your top 2 priorities in your professional life right now. Then take a look at the week ahead. Does the schedule reflect those priorities? What needs to change, what do you need more of, less of, what support do you need, what is compulsory, what is optional?

When we get clear on what is most important right here and right now, and take a good look at how we choose to spend our time, we see where there is room for change and we realise we have the power to choose.