Where did that fun, exciting, energetic me go? What happened to her?

When we get caught up in overwhelm, being rushed, in our to-do-list we leave little room for fun, joy and spontaneity. It feels like there is hardly enough time in the day to get the basics done, meals prepared, kids fed, school drop off, exercise if we’re lucky, work, family, caring for others, fill out those forms, enrol the kids in art, pick up the dry cleaning, listen to all those messages in voice mail, respond to emails, call the friend who has been having a hard time, remember to speak to our partner at some point in the day! The list goes on, and on, and on.

I get it. I understand.

So what’s the solution?

We all have things in our every day that we have to do. Eat, shower, work, care for others. Things that are just essential to our every day. When we spend our time raging against this reality it robs us of our energy for life, for the things we enjoy. We rush through our days giving little attention to what we need to thrive, we neglect our relationships and heath and we end up tired, wired and resentful.

It’s Sunday. A new week is about to begin.

Take a moment to sit still, forget about the to-do-list for just a moment, gran and pen and paper and write down your responses to these questions:

1. What would help me thrive and feel really happy?

2. What does my family need to thrive?

3. What is my highest aspiration for myself?

4. What is my highest aspiration for my children?

5. What do I need in order to make this week ahead successful?

6. Where is the joy in life now?

7. Where is the fun?

8. How content am I?

9. How connected and engaged am I with my partner, kids, friends and loved ones?

10. Am I in love with my life?

11. What do I feel most alive doing?

12. What is stopping me from following my joy?

Would you l like me to help you create personalised daily method for you to start to better manage overwhelm, to stop buffering your emotions with habits that don’t serve you and to design a life that allows you to actually live this life you have?

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Before you register for the free session know that I cannot help everyone. I can only be of benefit to you if you are ready for making changes in your life. If you are sick of a life on repeat, if you want to grow into your potential, if you are ready to start truly living this life you have, then here’s what to do next.

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Happy Sunday loves.