Are you exhausted and overwhelmed?

A high functioning perfectionist?

Everything looks fine on the outside, but on the inside you are rushed, racing, wired, tired, overwhelmed and lost in the to-do-list?

Are those around you used to you doing everything?

Are people around you under functioning as a result of your over functioning?

Have you lost sight of what it is you actually want? Of why you choose to do what you do each day?

As a recovering over-functioning woman I understand, I really do!

Here are my 5 tips for feeling better.


Commit to stop doing it all.

I know this is not what you want to hear, but I never said this work was easy!

Since women have emerged into the workforce they have been doing it all, at work and at home. Even if you are not in paid employment, given you are here, chances are you are doing a lot more than 99% of the population. This is not sustainable. This has to STOP.

Nothing terrible will happen if you do.

Fear of being judged, missing out and of failure have driven this obsession with doing it all.

But by continuing to over function you will most certainly succeed in making all of these fears a reality.

You are not doing anything well when you are over functioning. You barley scratch the surface.

You need to prioritise, determine what is essential and what is not for you?

Shift your focus to what matters most. What are your highest priorities?

Remind yourself that you were not made to do everything all the time. Seriously, this is not a failure, or a lack on your part, you are a human being not a machine!

Embrace help and empower others by giving them more responsibility.

Free yourself from guilt.

Say ‘no’ more often (in the coming weeks I will put out a guide on how to actually do this!)

Think about why you think you have to do it all? What causes this pursuit of perfection? Who do you need to be perfect for? How is this need to be perfect no longer serving you?


Deal with your fears.

Are you fearful that things will go wrong if you don’t control everything at home, work and in life?

If you are, chances are these fears are making you resentful and exhausted.

Look at your deepest fears and limiting beliefs.

What are they?

Write them down.

Take a good look at them and decide if they are thoughts you want to choose to keep having.

Do they create anything of value in your life? Are they driving you toward your goals or away from them?


Ask yourself, where is the joy?

Running around, being tired, exhausted and anxious, does not bring joy.

Are you present for your friends, kids, partner, colleagues, and community?

Are you always thinking of what is next?

Do you experience the now, the present moment, or are you always one step ahead?

What does happiness look like to you?

What do you need more of?

What needs to change?


Listen to your gut.

Is there a calling in you to create something?

To do something?

To learn, discover, uncover something?

What brings you alive?

What is your highest aspiration for yourself, in this life?


Get support.

We all need support to achieve what we want.

Who in your life can you speak to? What requests can you make of others?

Do you need further support outside of your current circle of family and friends?

Coaching is the best form of personal and professional development for high functioning individuals.

Do you need a coach?

I believe we all do!

Have a beautiful day..

So much love.

x Laura


We all need support to achieve what we want.
I believe we all need a life coach!
Coaching is the best form of personal and professional development for high functioning individuals.
It gives you insight and perspective that you could never get from being inside your own head, on the field of your life.
You want to feel better.
You want to stop being so busy and start creating value in your life.
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You want the fun, happy you back.
You are done with being overwhelmed and exhausted all the time.
You want to grow, to move forward in life.
You want to manage your emotions better.
You want to manage your time and money better.
You want to stop numbing out.
You want to grow into your potential.
You are amazing, you have infinite potential and possibility!
You are done with a life on repeat, of each day being the same as the last.
You are ready for action.
You need a life coach.
I can be that coach.
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Photo credit: Kirsty Burns Photography