Trying to be good enough? Exhausted? Fighting a war inside your own head?

One of the biggest issues many of my clients face is the fear of not being enough, and not doing enough.

Of not fulfilling their potential.

Many people come to coaching when they feel overwhelmed and stressed. They are doing huge amounts of work each day, yet they fear they are not doing enough with their lives.

Are you one of these people?

You feel like you are not creating value in the world, yet you are doing a million things every day, busy all the time.

You worry that you should be doing more, yet you have no idea where you would fit ‘more’ in.

You sense that there is more in you to give, create and contribute to the world, untapped potential.

At times you feel frustrated, despondent maybe resentful that there seems to be no time in the day to give that potential, that possibility, any attention.

I understand.

You are juggling multiple roles and doing amazing things for yourself, your family and your community. The distinction between ‘working’ and ‘not working’ women is of little importance here.

You are doing a lot, and you do it well and you should feel proud of what you do.

What you do is purposeful, valuable and important.

However, that does NOT mean you should feel guilty for wanting more (or less), more or less time at work/home/community, a new career direction, wanting to be healthier, have more time for yourself, for exercise, to nurture a passion or interest, to invest in your own self development and potential.

What holds so many of us back is the fear that if we are honest about what we truly desire for our lives we will be seen as selfish and of course the fear that we will fail and everyone will laugh at us.
I know this fear well – we all do.

It yells at us, ‘Who do you think you are?’, ‘The kids will suffer‘, ‘You should just leave things as they are’, ‘You will never achieve that, ‘Don’t be so selfish’, ‘Get back in the cave, be happy with what you have, shut up and watch some Netflix.’

Allowing these thoughts run our life keeps us small (or for some of us big).

Are you exhausted, sad, losing sleep trying to keep up with all the things you tell yourself you have to do?
Do you compare yourself to other’s?

Do you act like everything is a top priority, everything is urgent?

Do you worry you are not doing enough with your life, that you are not fulfilling your potential?

Do you think asking for help, requesting assistance is a sign that you are not coping. Would you rather do it all alone than ask for help?

Are you living a life defined by what YOU see as happy, successful and well? Or someone else’s definition?

Are you honest with yourself and those closest to you about what you truly want?

Do you know what you want?

What your vision is for this life you have?

If you accept for a moment that you are enough.

You are good enough.

You are perfect as you are.

You don’t ‘need’ to be anything other than who you are.

Then what?

That is the million dollar question!

The best question.

The only question.

You are whole, you are good enough and there is nothing wrong with you…now you get to decide.


What now?

So much love.


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Photo credit: Kirsty Burns Photography