So lets be honest, people pleasing is lying, usually wrapped up with a smile on top.

If we are people pleasing it means we don’t have a plan for how we spend our time, or if we do, we don’t honour it.

People pleasing is one of the quickest ways to feel overwhelmed, resentful and stuck.

It poisons our future and our relationships.

You have probably heard the advice, ‘learn to say no’.

Very few people back that up by telling us how.

Here is what I have come to learn.

Here is the secret to learning how to say ‘No’.

  1. Know what you want. What is the future you want to create?
  2. Have a specific goal that will move you toward that future.
  3. Make a plan for how you are going to get it.
  4. Schedule your time like a ninja. Every day, plan it.
  5. Honour the plan. Do not deviate from it. Do not stand yourself up, ever.

When someone asks you, ‘hey can you do this for me?’


When you are tempted by something else, a new opportunity, or just the desire to take a nap.

If it doesn’t fit in your schedule.

Say, ‘No’.

No excuses.

No lies.

Just say, ‘No’.

Maybe it’s no, not now.

Maybe it’s no, not ever.

What is important is that you treat yourself and others with the honesty and integrity you value so highly.

When we stop lying to ourselves and others there is sometimes an initial shock, especially if you have been people pleasing for decades.

But soon after that comes trust.

You can trust yourself to do what you promise yourself you will do.

Others can trust you, they know you don’t pretend, you don’t lie, that they can rely on you to be honest and always turn up for them and give 100% when you can.

Do one thing today, say yes to your dreams by committing to act with 100% integrity in everything you do.

So much love for you all.

x Laura

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