One year ago, I decided, yet again, to stop drinking alcohol.

I also decided to stop watching television, reading the newspaper and bull-shitting (aka people pleasing, lying, pretending).

The thing is, this time, that decision became a commitment that I honoured 100% to this day.

I have been thinking about that place I was in a year ago and trying to figure out what was different to all the other times I had promised myself I would stop drinking?

Maybe you don’t drink, or you have no issue with your drinking.

That is not the point.

Think about that thing you have been wanting to change, do, stop, start…for what seems like forever. That thing that you talk about (usually just to yourself), but never actually do.

Wine was that for me.

It was that thing I wanted to not want, I wanted to do other things with my time, life, nights, mornings when I didn’t feel particularly high functioning!

So, what was different…

I remember I saw the end of the year approaching and I was actually bored with myself and the same story I had going around in my head.

I saw the ‘silly season’ approaching and physically felt repelled by it.

It felt like every year, the same life, on repeat.


Half alive, half present, half myself.

And I did not want to waste another day bullshitting to myself.

I was ready to take my business and my life to the next level.

I wanted to grow as a parent, wife, coach and business owner.

I wanted different problems.

Wine was not a problem I wanted in my life any more.

People pleasing, saying yes to everything, making myself so busy that there was no time left for what really mattered were on that list as well.

So, I stopped.

And it was hard.

But we humans can do hard things.

And when we trim back all the stuff that no longer serves us.

When we let go of all the stuff that is not essential.

When we release all the baggage.

Like a rose bush that needs to be pruned.

We make room for our lives to flourish.

What is the problem you have had rolling around in your life for years?

Are you bored of it?

Do you want better problems?

Because if you do this.

If you commit 100% to removing that problem from your life.

Here is the result you will get:

Better relationships with those you love.

Clarity on what really matters.

Less superficial bullshit.

More sleep.

Less worry, ruminating, indecision, quitting.

Better mornings.

Personal and professional growth like you could never have expected.

Fear and anxiety about all the new things you decide to do with your time, your life.

A sense of fulfilment and deep joy in knowing your strength, knowing who you really are, knowing that you are infinite potential, infinite possibility.

Don’t wait for January 1 to make the same promise to yourself. Get that one done and dusted today. Make 2018 about something far more important, far more exciting, make 2018 about new problems not old ones!