Life can feel very full at times.

All the things we said yes to.

Many of them today we are not sure why.

We clean out our houses and prune our gardens, but when it comes to our lives, we tend to keep all of it.

Our lives are full of people, commitments, events, tasks, entertainment, work, being everything to everyone, never having enough time.

No space for what we love.

No time to dream about the future.

No room for what is great to grown and flourish.


Saying no.

Re deciding what is right for you and letting go of what is no longer right.

Is not easy.

It takes courage to decide that a relationship has concluded, that a job is no longer right, that the committee is no longer relevant to you anymore.

But we must have the courage to seek out what is right for us, right now, and leave what is wrong if we want to design a life that is our own.

The alternative is to keep saying yes, to never let anything go, to deny what is right and to wake up in someone else’s perfect life.

Quitting what is wrong is not the same as quitting what is hard.

Building your dream business is challenging.

Investing in your marriage is at times hard.

Raising your kids can be exhausting.

Going to the gym often hurts.

Most of these ‘hard’ things are also ‘right’. They problems we would choose, every time.

But what about the problems you don’t want?

The ones that are no longer serving you?

The ones that you have no desire to overcome?

What are you holding onto that you know you must let go of?

That you have just been too scared, or too busy and distracted to admit to?

Holding onto resentment and anger for things that have happened in the past?

Continuing habits that you know are holding you back in your life?

Maintaining friendships that are not right any more?

Continuing in a job or role that you have been disconnected from for some time?

Holding onto a business that is just not right, that you have lost all passion for?

Quitting is scary.

Saying ‘this isn’t right for me’ takes courage.

But the alternative is to delude yourself, fake it, pretend, say yes but scream no on the inside and waste more years, time and energy investing in a life that is not yours.

Quit what is wrong.

Open up the space you need to able to focus on what matters most. On what is right.

Don’t skim the surface of life any more.

Make space to go deep.

To make it count.

So much love to you my friends.

This week on the podcast I am talking all about Quitting so if this struck a chord for you be sure to listen in!

xx Laura

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