Wanting to step it up and go one bigger, but concerned it will be at the expense of your relationships and health?

We all know people who have achieved great success in one area of life, only to have neglected and damaged other areas.

It can seem like it is impossible to get the formula right. But it isn’t.

We can all design a life where we have optimal wellbeing and perform at a high level in all areas of life, professional and personal.

But it doesn’t just happen.

It requires intention.

It requires design.

It requires focus and commitment.

Learning how to focus your attention and manage your energy is one of the most important skills you can develop when it comes to your overall performance and wellbeing.

Here are some practical tools for how you can generate focus and be more productive in your life.


Your mission is the work that you do, what you do with you days, what you create, what you give.

Where are you going with this mission firmly in your hand?

What is your aim?

Your purpose?

It doesn’t have to be some lofty purpose.

Maybe it is to be a positive role model to your kids, or to inspire your team.

Maybe it is to care for others with love and kindness.

Just take a moment to consider:

What do you want in your work life?

What do you want next year to be about?

What do you want this week to be about?

Do you know where you are going?

Because without aim, without intentional goals, we are bumping around in the dark, aimless, easily distracted, with no focus and no direction.

Get clear on what your mission is in the work that you do, in how you serve.


Taking responsibility for your relationships is a game changer.

When was the last time you thought about who you want to be in your relationships?

Not what you want from others.

But who you want to be?

Who you choose to be?

How you decide to turn up?

Consider for a moment a relationship that has been troubling you.

How intentional are you about who YOU are in that relationship?

How do you show them affection? Kindness? Gratitude? Understanding? Respect?

Do you manage your emotions toward them or do you make them responsible for how you feel?

When we are intentional about our relationships and how we want to turn up we focus our mind and energy on what we can control…ourselves.

This gives us focus and direction and also protects our energy, because we all drain a lot of energy every single day focused on how we want others to be, something we have no control over whatsoever.


Taking responsibility for your mind is the single most important thing you can do in your life bar none.

Consider for a moment, do you intentionally take care of your mind like you do for the other parts of your body?

Do you keep it clean, neat, healthy and fresh?

I thought so.

You are not alone!

None of us are taught how to do this.

To clean up, clean out, manage and direct our mind.

So many of my clients spend a huge amount of their energy on thoughts and emotions that are reactive and un-managed.


Where are you giving your attention? Each day?

Are you present? Engaged? Focused?

Are you experiencing your life? Or are you always one step ahead, racing.

What are you focusing on?

Are you being driven by the lives of others?

Is your attention on your life or other peoples? On social media?

Do you manage your mind or do you indulge in procrastination?

Consider what this does to your focus and energy?

When we manage our mind and what we give our thoughts to we direct it, keep it on task and we have more energy for what really matters.


What feelings are you bringing to your days?

What is your attitude?

Are you ready to go, choosing to smile?

Or are you bringing an attitude of negativity, stress, judgement, gossip and lack?

You know those people who are fixed and closed and negative?

You also know those people who are open, excited and energised?

Who do you want to be?

You can generate good energy, it’s a choice.


What distracts you?



The fridge

Your phone

The apps that beep at you






You are the adult.

You get to decide when where and how you engage with all of it.

Make sure it is when you want to.

Because unconscious distraction and procrastination is not self-care, it is neglect and indifference to yourself and to what matters most.

It zapps you of your energy.

It robs you of your dreams.

If you want to move forward and achieve your goals faster you must master the art of focus and managing your energy.

You get to decide if you want to spend your life in distraction, procrastination and multi-tasking or if you want to focus on what is important.

Manage your mind.

Get it done.

Protect your energy.

And be intentional about your focus, your actions, your life.

You can choose to thrive.

xx L

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