Self care is a practice of being conscious and responsible for how you choose to live your life.

It requires you to put first on your to-do-list, your physical and mental health, your closest relationships and the work you do in the world, what you create, how you serve.

Self care means you are willing to sacrifice the non essential in order to make room for what really matters.

Right now many of you are rushed and racing to the end of the year.

You have a lot on your plate.

But you get to decide if you end the year in a manic race to the finish line OR clear, confident and ready to take it to the next level in 2018.

My version of self care will help you achieve the latter.

But it requires you to do the work.

It requires you to:

1. Make your physical and mental health your number one priority, no excuses.

2. Take time to be preset and engaged in your closest relationships.

3. Do the work matters most, not the busy work, the work that generates the most value.

4. Be willing to sacrifice the non-essential.

Indifference to yourself and what matters most is the worst form of neglect.

Don’t go unconscious and waste the next 45 days.

Double down and end the year clear, focused and energised.

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