Most people don’t achieve their dreams because they are unwilling to risk failure.

Fear of failure is the number one issue my clients raise when it comes to why they don’t take action toward achieving their goals.

They say that they are afraid of failing and of what people will think of them.

This sounds reasonable.

But is it?

What does failure mean?

What exactly are you afraid of?

Are you afraid of looking back on your life and seeing that you never actually had a go?

That is what I am afraid of!

Our mind tells us that if we take that risk, we might end up on the street, destitute and alone.

Our mind likes to cataostrphise things, she loves drama!

Here it the thing about failure.

It is a fiction.

We have made it up.

We decide what it means when we don’t get the outcome we wanted.

We can make it mean we are a failure.

We can make it mean we are learning.

We can make it mean we have more to do.

We can make it mean the world has come to an end.

We can make it mean anything we want.

Failure and learning are close cousins.

Why is it that as adults we are less and less willing to fail? Less and less willing to have a go, learn, fall over, get back up, try again?

Here is an example of what I mean.

One athlete approaches the year willing to make mistakes, expecting to not be perfect, always looking for ways to improve.

Another athlete is a perfectionist who is terrified of not being good enough, of feeling disappointed, of not winning.

The first views failure as an opportunity to grow.

The other sees failure as a sign of worthiness.

Who do you think sets higher goals and will go on to create an exceptional life and career?

Think about your relationships, business, career, health and learning.

Do you set high expectations and approach them willing to not be perfect, and always looking for opportunities to learn and grow?

It is a simple shift.

With massive impact.

Try it on.

You won’t regret it.

What would you be doing with your life if you were willing to fall over, learn, get back up again and grow?