Hi Laura, I know the program has not started yet but I was hoping you may be able to respond early 🙂
I find December challenging – have done so since I had children. Before then it was a month where my husband and I worked hard and enjoyed social events and work parties. Since having kids the social part is something my husband hasn’t stopped doing and it has fallen to me to do all the parenting/general December/Term 4 things that are on for the kids. I work part time, my husband full time. He is a fantastic Dad, but December is always a month where he is out a lot, tired/hungover on weekends and generally not very present. I feel like December should be more balanced in terms of our parenting duties. I don’t want to be out at the parties, I genuinely have no interest, but I feel like things are very unfair and I find myself resentful and snappy – not a nice feeling at a time of year when I want to be enjoying family, Christmas prep and the sunshine. Your advice is much appreciated. Thank you and happy Christmas. x J