HI Laura
So excited to have joined YLD for the year! I had wanted to do one on one coaching for some time with you but was prohibitive cost wise so was so excited when you launched this – thank you!
I dont fit the ‘high achiever’ category, I am a stay at home mum (former accountant) with 3 kids, my husband works away a lot and returning to my old job was just not going to work for our family.
Since leaving my corporate career I have had ups and downs. The first few years I loved, home with the kids, lots of play and fun. I kind of made a job out of parenting – every day was full of activities, play dates, cooking, reading. Yep one of those mums! My youngest is 5 now and off to school in 2018. I don’t have any interest in going back to a corporate 9-5 (more like 7-6) job. It its not the hours that bother me, I just have no interest in working for someone else and being in an office all day. I would love to be a coach and have followed you for some time – your lawyer to life coach story inspired me. I am interested to know – will you share your journey inside this program? Coach me on how I can get clear on if coaching is right for me, how I get started? I am in for the course no matter what (I really want to invest some time in my own growth, managing my emotions – esp at 5pm – your drinking wine at 5 to cope with kids crazy hour really resonated with me!) but was just wondering if that would be something I could be coached on too!? Thanks for your time. Amy