I listened to your podcast on failure and realised just how much of my life has been determined and driven by my fear of what others will think of me and of failing (and people seeing it). My self talk is all about what everyone else may be thinking about me, my weight (I need to loose some), my kids, my husband, my house, my clothes, my life! The big one for me is weight, I want to eat better and exercise, but I have realised I am scared to…because people will see the change….and what if I don’t stick to the new plan, the new diet, and it just confirms I am a failure. This sounds terribly sad I know. The rest of my life is quite fantastic. My family is supportive, we are financially secure, the kids are at good schools…and yet I have this voice in my head that tells me that everyone is watching, judging and going to laugh at me if I start to go to the gym and stop being the one who over eats and drinks and doesn’t care. Does this even make sense?!?