So my life looks ‘right’ according to most peoples values and priorities. I am married, have kids, work hard, provide. My wife stays home to care for the kids. We have a great life. But this months work has had me realise that my priorities (family, health, contribution) are not truly reflected in how i live every day. It looks like they are. I work very hard, provide for my family, my employer supports me (he is paying for this program) and sees me as a great contributor to the business, we can afford holidays and nice things for the kids. But beneath the surface I work long hours, when home i am exhausted, disconnected and I can feel my low energy and inability to turn of from work affecting my family and my health. I am also over drinking to relax, but it is actually making me less connected at home. I am stuck in this space where I deeply want to live in a way that reflects what is most important to me…but how do i do this without ‘shocking’ those who have been used to me being who i am (boss, my mates and father in particular who all work long hours, largely ‘neglect’ family responsibility/leave parenting to the mum, over work, over drink and dont take health too seriously)? I feel like in order to change the way i live i will let others down? Does this even make sense? I appreciate your feedback and advice here. Thank you.