Hi Laura,
I understand from the reading that I can’t change others. I recognise I often feel that I get resentful, angry and frustrated and used to believe this was the result of others behaviour particularly with my husband. I understand I need to change my beliefs/ thoughts about the situation to feel better and that he is not causing me to feel sad etc. The reality is I have a husband.
However, what would you recommend if I am in a situation where I don’t believe that I am being treated fairly. I have tried recently to request help with family practicalities and I am met with very unkind comments e.g. ‘you do nothing’ ‘wow you cooked dinner’ ‘you have no brain’ ‘all you do is spend money’ ‘you are so negative you are just like your mother’ I am dismissed frequently.
I do not feel the way I am treated is good especially in front of my children, I would not want them to be in a relationship like this.
I am a bit stuck with where to go here….
How can you begin to have a conversation about home, division of tasks, being present with children and about things????
I hope this makes sense?
Thanks 🙂