Hi Laura,
I’m finding it difficult to decide what it is that I truly want. What if the things that I want aren’t right for me? Do I trust that the universe will point me in the right direction or will I waste more time trying to make things happen that just aren’t suited to me?
Right now, I am working towards securing a job in a large corporate firm to gain some experience as a graduate. I know this experience will put me in good stead for eventually working freelance, which is what (I think!) I ultimately want.
I find the daily grind of 9-5 pretty difficult though and workplace relationships challenging. Do I continue down this path ‘wanting’ a corporate 9-5 job and commit to managing my mind every step of the way? Have I perhaps found this environment challenging in the past because I haven’t been managing my mind and could it be completely different this time around, armed with a new approach and strategy to succeed?
Look forward to your thoughts xx