I am absolutely energised and passionate about the work I do and the business I started a mere 5 months ago! I get up early, I love learning, personal development and working out as my buffer between work and home. My fiance says that if he had his time again he would not pursue the career he has chosen and feels he is in’ too deep’ to change now. He shares that he loves every other aspect of his life besides his ‘career’. But isn’t this where we spend so much of our time? Is it unfair of me to want him to find what makes him jump out of bed every day or at least some level of satisfaction in the work domain? Or do some people just not ‘get fulfilled’ in their careers? He hasn’t worked since I opened my business. He intended to locum but he hasn’t for many reasons. Is it unfair to imagine what it would feel like coming home to the man I love but who is filled with drive, direction and excitement? Stuck on what to think, feel and do!