Hi Laura

I have been thinking of becoming a life coach for a while now and this months work has helped me get clear on how my priorities and values have changed (I am am accountant and have been for almost 20 years). I am not the same person that I was 20 years ago when I finished uni and what I want from my career is different.

I want to learn how to coach.

I have looked at various programs and none really feel right. Some are a bit woo woo for me, others too corporate. I know that I don’t need to get certified but I do want to learn from someone who can teach me tools and strategies so I have a framework for working with clients as well as building a coaching business.

I want to learn from you and think you should start a program!!

Is there a program you recommend?? Any direction appreciated. I want to study in 2019 – this year is about getting my health and mindset on track (thank you YLD!) and 2019 is about becoming the coach I know I can be!