I’ve religiously done all of your workbooks and daily reflections and intentions. It’s so funny; ‘I’m doing Laura’, ‘Have you done Laura?’

We did a fast, meditation and exercise everyday, no alcohol (since Oct 4) and then we had a huge rebellious ‘fuck it day’ on Jan 1st. Bit of a shame, but hilarious at the time, not the next day though..

So in short, I think your program is amazing. Truely, I’ve learnt so much and get such a sense of relief that it ties together so many years of reading and research into personal growth. I love it.

The reason that I wanted to email you today was that I slipped back into overwhelm this week due to a work relationship and felt really conflicted and confused. I came to work this morning and listened to both of your latest podcasts and certainly feel more grounded. I work for one of my closet friends and fear that our relationship will be permanently affected.

It’s really hard. The patterning of my thinking is powerful and it’s so easy to slip back into a bit of a hole. No matter how many times I’ve read, listened or written down your three main tips on understanding your mind, the penny takes a while to drop. It’s certainly not an over night thing for me! Will you be reiterating or revising key work that you’ve covered in Jan?

The big challenges for me are a conflict between my vision and actually believing that I can do it. So many areas of my life have improved though my mindfulness meditation training and now work with you. I’ve lost 11kgs, I’ve stopped alcohol (except for FID Fuck it Day ;-)) mediation has been powerful for me, I have a wonderful relationship with Will and my kids. So much good has happened and I feel that I have so much to be grateful for.

The conflict is, shouldn’t I just be content with this, life is pretty wonderful.

My job is good and I’m paid well, have flexibility and autonomy. Isn’t this enough?

The conflict is about striving. Isn’t striving bad? Is wanting to have my own business realistic? Is it ‘bad’ to have these goals? So self-doubt and possibly confusion about being ’the right’ thing to have aspirational goals. Am I realistic? Sometimes when I write out my ‘dream’ or when I’m writing in the workbook I almost feel shame about some of the things I’m writing. Maybe a disconnect between what ‘I want’ and whether I believe I deserve or can realistically achieve it.

I really found the workbook on money confronting. I’m really keen to understand more clearly about what you mean by ‘my value to the world’ and how this relates to wealth creation. It would be great to explore this a bit more. It’s a similar theme here too, is it ok to want wealth from creating a business that serves others? Love to feel more clarity around this.

Thanks again Laura, you do amazing work.

I’m really looking forward to downloading Feb.