OK I realise that this is my expectation or rule that is causing me to feel so angry and frustrated – but I cant help but think that when all the evidence backs me he should change his behaviour – based on what is right.

I am married. We have 2 kids aged 7 and 10. I provide a healthy balanced diet at home and in school lunches. ON weekends my husband has the kids for a few hours so I can get to the gym, this is over lunch. He doesn’t bother to prepare food and gives them fish and chips or bought cooked chicken and chips. He gets to be the cool Dad and I make up for it during the week with no unhealthy foods. This isn’t an issue like bed time, it is their diet and we all know that deep fried chips and fish are not good for you.

How do I get past this idea that he is being lazy and feeing them poison? How do I let this one go given all the evidence supports me?