So I am doing this work with my husband this month – he wanted to know what I was doing in January and did some of the workbooks and has joined me for February (I know he should pay for an enrolment and have been feeling guilt about this, he will enrol for March I am sure, I have him hooked).

Doing the vision for 2018 (we may have gone ahead – and what has come up is that his main focus is career and mine is the children. This sounds good. but I have realised I am disappointed and…angry about this.

My husband was married prior to me and has 3 adult children from that marriage. He is approaching 60 and when we married 10 years ago he said he would likely retire at 55…he is still dedicated to his work. We have 2 young children aged 8 and 5. He was mostly absent for his elder children childhoods working hard to establish himself in his legal career. Today he is very well regarded, we dont need the money at all and I feel angry that he has decided to work over spending more time with us at home, travelling, at school sports, being around for the girls given he does not have to work and he can do it.

I feel like our visions for the future are not compatible – I know I am being dramatic, but I just dont see him retiring despite him saying he would at 55, he avoids any firm commitment on this today – very lawyer of him haha.

I appreciate your thoughts are. Thank you