It has taken me a long time to work through my need to exit my business as I did have a lot of joy setting it up and developing new things and worked really hard. I just ended up with one of my business partners who went from drama to drama, projecting a lot onto me while the other partners watched and didn’t want to intervene in case they became the object to target. I handled it very maturely over many years but the company went through cultural reviews, board reviews a new chair a new CEO and a new director. 80% of the time with staff and most colleagues everything was fine but we just couldn’t bring new good people into the unit ( as they were threatening) and every now and then there just seems to have to be a big dramatic problems that sent us all into chaos. At the end of the day and after reading a great book called the courage to be disliked I decided that all the hassle of trying to maintain my cool and be a role model wasn’t worth it when I was perpetually dragged into things that I really hadn’t contributed to mainly due to a professional jealously issue. I decided to leave and put in my resignation, which of course caused a huge drama that luckily I had planned leave around. Unfortuneately now I have finally made the decision, the partners realise my leaving will affect the bottom line of the business and want to force me to stay but in a very controlling and threatening way. I understand why they are doing this but just want to go and their behaviour makes we want to go more. I can’t serve my patients without seeing out a restraint and am able to work form another private practice with a lot of the staff in my business who are all really supportive and understanding. The issue is that I get alternating really threatening emails then really luring we will give you all this if you stay emails followed by you will never be able to do this alone emails, that seem to try and target every fear and weakness I have. Luckily I have many other people outside the business who are supporting me and a saint of a husband and family and I can stay offsite. However I find it really hard to manage with this really erratic communication especially when it affects my patients ( they were all told I was going out of state for a while to encourage them to change doctors!). How can I manage the time I am going to be forced to see out and not rage, blame be unprofessional or get vengeful, while I feel massively manipulated and just want to be free. I also have to protect my patients from all of this which is hard to do. Louise