Hi Laura,
So its V day and like every year since getting married I spend it frustrated, pissed off, and grumpy. I woke up and there it was. We have been together for 11 years and my husband says he doesn’t believe in valentines day and that he shows his love every day. The thing is he doest…he never gives me gifts (not b day or Christmas either), he never says I love you, he never takes me out for dinner. This thinking comes up every V day. Throughout the year I am fine, it doesn’t bother me, I feel good about our marriage we are a team, I dont need gifts, I feel secure and loved in how he shows up for me, our kids, in what he does at home/in his business etc…but this one day of the year, its like I my mind goes wild.
I dont want to spend tonight in a rage (every year since I can remember that is what happens – I start grumpy and by the end of the day I pick a fight).
Any insight appreciated.
Thank you.