Hi Laura,
I am 2 weeks in to a contract position at a corporate firm, having graduated at the end of last year. I was sceptical about going into the corporate world, having a history of difficult work relationships but having broached it with yourself and others I decided that it was the best thing for my career…so in I jumped!
Prior to starting, I did a heap of your work around intentions and mindset, as well as daily over the first 2 weeks of my contract and I’m stoked to say, that I’ve just had the best 2 weeks of my life! My working relationships are strong, I have learned so much, they have offered me a permanent position which I didn’t even think was an option but best of all, I am proud of the person I have been over the last few weeks.

So that’s all fabulous and I thank you for your work! But I have also realised a few pretty confronting things about myself, which I have just been observing and not reacting to.
These are:
1. I’m a competitive psycho
2. I’m desperate to be recognised
That sounds dramatic but the feelings I have been observing are intense. “That was my idea!” “They didn’t say well done or thank you!”
3. I’m opinionated
It has taken real restraint not to give my opinion these last few weeks and I believe this has had a hugely positive effect on my time so far at the company.

I’m looking forward to your thoughts on all of this but in particular:
1. How do I contribute, without sounding opinionated/blunt?
2. How can I be more gracious day to day and willing to learn?
3. How do I manage competitiveness and ownership in the work place?

Lots of love x