Hi Laura
I have struggled with bulimia for many years. I find the workbooks in the extra learning page useful for deciding what I will eat ahead of time – this gives me a tool to decide from a ‘calm’ headspace and then when I do binge/purge I can go back and reflect on what was going on in my head at the time. Before starting the program in Jan I would binge/purge at least 3 times per week, often more, despite having seen a psych for the last 6 years this had not changed. Since doing this work and really getting comfortable with being with my mind and all the crazy things it says and knowing that I dont have to respond I have found weeks have gone by and I have not purged..but sometimes I still do. Is there anything you suggest other than dong the work and when I do go back to that behaviour talking a good look and getting to understand what was going on? Thank you so much for your work and guidance. I am not ready to do a live call on this so this format works well for me.