Hi Laura,

Here is my issue for coaching call.

I have realised that all of my thoughts are generally about other people
How will they react
How will they see me
And a lot of blaming them
Never realised how much of my time I spent worrying about how others think till now!
I want to have a better relationship with my sister – my thoughts are all about how she compares to me, how I am not as successful, how she is responsible for me feeling low self esteem and like I have to pretend to be happier than I am around her
I want to feel authentic and real
I want to be able to tell her about my life without fear of what she thinks
I actually do think this, but when we see each other
What I feel is closed and trapped
I compare myself to her and I pretend my life is better than it is and try and impress her
I appreciate you coaching on this.