Here is my summary for the coaching call.

I feel like I have no control in my work. I am a real estate agent of 15 years and I have noticed that I feel a lack of control – from thoughts about the market, about how I cant make people sell at a price, buy at a price, from thoughts that I am just the middle man who has to manage everyone’s expectations.

What I have realised is that I am driven by this need to know how much/who I will sell the property to/for, which I know is impossible! This thinking makes me turn up to meetings with vendors almost apologetic for my lack of ability to control the uncontrollable. I understand this but dont know how to change it.

I would love your advice on this. I want to step out on my own this year and have my own agency (currently work for a large real estate firm in Adelaide) and I can see that this is perhaps the biggest obstacle holding me back right now.