Today I formally resigned from my job – I have been in legal practice for 15 years. When I started this program I hated my work. Today I resigned, not hating it at all. I resigned because I once loved it, and now I have decided not to, because I want something different. I dont pretend that this different is going to be easy, it wont.
Thank you for this program. I feel so confident in my decision. No anger, no reactivity, totally intentional and at peace. I have decided to NOT WORK AT ALL. My reason is because I dont want to work anymore and I have investments and passive income that means I can do this. I felt a lot of fear about this decision in the past, what would people say, will I get bored, will people say I cant cope with legal practice anymore…then I realised there is nothing I can do to control what they think. I am going to focus the next 3 years on my health and yoga practice and I am so dam excited about this new journey! Just had to share – big day today and a new beginning. Thank you for this work, it has changed my life completely!