Thank you for this call – I got so much out of it.
Realised I have been creating drama about what to eat, when, types of diets and exercise regimes and ignoring the fact it is actually simple.
In the last year I have seen a dietician, doctor and acupuncturist – in my mind hoping they find something wrong with me (hormones, cancer, anything!) that will give me an excuse for being overweight. Its crazy now I think about it. I wanted cancer to be an excuse for why I am overweight instead of just feeling the desire to overeat and NOT overeating.

This week I have eaten on protocol every day, it has not been easy, I have had to deal with the desire to eat, sugar cravings and have had to get through the evenings with kids/afterwork tiredness/school homework etc and the stress and anxiety I have realised I feel at this time, but it hasn’t killed me and I have lost 1.7 kilos!

Thank you!! xx