I have been in YLD since January and LOVE it. It is like all the books I have been reading wrapped into a system and structure and it has helped me lose 10 kilos so far this year and apply for and be made partner in the accounting firm I work at. What I have also realised is that my friendship group are not the people I really want to be spending time with. We are close from university days, where we drank, partied, dated boys, went to music festivals and too lots of drugs. The friendships are based on letting our hair down. The girls catch up most weekends and drink wine, gossip, talk about fashion and their partners/husbands and kids in a way that is more winge than solve. I have been not going this last month. I just dont want to be up late, drinking, talking about things that just do not interest me. I love them, but I also dont relate to them and I dont want to invest time in maintaining the relationships. But then I am left wondering. Where are my people? Girls who want to catch up for a hike, a coffee, chat about their goals, dreams, challenges with a solution focus? Who want to talk about how to support their kids, love more, give more, serve more? Where do I find my tribe?