I run a ‘successful’ business but I am really struggling to take any credit for this. I will explain my fickle thoughts further! I have built my business up over 6 years and am really proud of it, however whenever clients or employees talk about how great the business is to work for or what a good service it is, I immediately thank everyone else and never take credit for it. For example, if someone says ‘wow, how great that you started your own business’ I will say ‘it’s all thanks to my accountant, he is amazing and always pushes me’, if another person says ‘we are so thrilled with your service’ my answer would be ‘*Kate did all the work on this placement, she is amazing’. I feel like I would be better at my job and more confident (not hiding behind everyone else) if i actually said to myself ‘you do work hard and you have put a lot of blood sweat and tears into making the business what it is today’. Even writing that sentence, I want to thank everyone else. I live in fear that someone might catch me out and realise that I’m a fake and that it’s actually everyone else who works hard! I know I work hard, I know I love what I do, but is it that the ‘hard jobs’ I don’t find hard and therefore can’t acknowledge that I am actually working?? I hope this all makes sense, what a rambling question!! Thanks Laura xx