Hey Laura,
I’m slowly coming to the realisation that I have been battling an eating disorder for a long time now. After taking the time to look at my thinking I have realised that so much of it was about food, like obsessively.
My thinking has been incredibly negative, harsh and strict about food, to the point that there was little space for anything else! I’m actually a really healthy person. I like to eat good home cooked food as much as I can but I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t feeling or looking healthier. I see now that it has a lot to do with my thinking around food. I’d have a piece of chocolate, a sushi roll with soy or a piece of cake and I would instantly decide that this had ‘made me look old’ or ‘made my wrinkles worse’ or ‘everyone Is looking at my fat tummy’.
I was wondering if you could suggest some positive and helpful thinking that I can practice while I try and get through this stage please?
Here are some I have been trying:
My body is 100% happy and healthy
The food I choose to eat fuels my body
There are no rules, food can be fun
My body can take what it needs from the food I eat and release anything that doesn’t serve it
Look forward to hearing your thoughts xx