You called me out on the last call. I have the intention and desire to stop numbing out with online shopping and white wine in the evenings after work and kids in bed…but I have these regular ‘F’ it days and I dont do the work, not wanting to really investigate what happened and just telling myself I will do better next time. This weekend I did have a wine on Saturday night after a disagreement with my partner about something trivial, I was tired which did make it harder to manage my emotions. I did the look back, what was I thinking, how was I feeling work and saw that the argument and tiredness were not the cause – it was my mind and I was thinking such negative, extreme thoughts that were pretty crazy to be honest. I really understand what you mean by the crazy lady in there. I have a new thought to practice this week. It is – “In this moment I can be still and breathe inside” even if I am running about the house, driving, getting kids into bed, making dinner…I can be still in that moment inside myself and breathe. This feels so much better. I feel confident I wont be scrolling and drinking this week.