I have been totally disconnected from my dad for a few years now – i went away to study and he seemed to change – or i changed – perhaps we both did.

We were close, talked a lot, i felt he understood me.

Now when i go home to visit him there is nothing to talk about – he takes no interest in my life, my husband or kids.

When we do end up communicating it is almost like we are competing – who is the smartest, who can tease the most…its quite embarrassing come to think of it

He has aged
I notice that he is sometimes racist, rude, sexist
He never was like this when i was young
It is like as he gets older he is becoming more conservative and closed minded
This pushes my buttons

This months work has made me realise i need to let him be who is he and manage myself

This is SO hard though when he makes comments that 99% of the population would agree are offensive.

How do i control this?
Shouldn’t i speak up when someone is rascist? Sexist?