This weeks podcast caused me to really stop and think about where my food relationship comes from.
I am ‘thin’ fit and healthy.
So is my mum.
We are to the outside eye those people who can eat anything and be thin.
But the truth is that in public I am the one who has the coffee and chocolate cake, but then I dont eat at home.
This is how my mother was and still is.
We pretend (in fact act all proud really) about how we can eat whatever we want yet we dont and probably cant.
My mum to this day lives this lie as do I. Every day looking at when I will be with others and making sure I dont eat either side of that so I can publicly indulge and be proud of how it doesn’t touch the sides.
I want to be that person who makes healthy choices, eats to fuel my body, and gets on with life.
But where to even begin. It’s not just how I am, it is how others expect me to be.