So I stole your idea and each evening as a family we have been talking about our day and what we have planned for the following day. We discuss what tomorrow is about for each of us, what the main priority is and HOW we want to THINK and FEEL as we go about the day. My kids are older, 13 and 16 and at first I thought they would resist it. It is more in conversation rather than a ‘game’ like you do with your little ones, and they really seem to like it (although they would never say so) and its been a week of this and no resistance. My eldest said it has really changed how he approaches each day, he feels less worried and said tonight that today he was able to move out of a ‘funk’ mood into a better space by remembering who he had decided to be today. Thank you so much. I wanted to share this as it really is such a simple thing that makes a tremendous difference! I have to say given I have been working at this since January I am a a little ashamed that I am not doing quite as well as my kids – but then again I have had decades of practice allowing my mind to be unsupervised!