This month I have realised that what so many do with food I do with shopping.
I have created as ‘protocol’ using your food and alcohol model and I am really struggling.
The desire to shop for new things for me and my family is quite frightening.
I didnt realise this huge amount of energy was driving me to the shops, almost daily, to buy nice new things.
Online, in the store, via instagram, you name it, if I see it and like it I buy it.
It has not caused any financial issues, we can afford it, but this work has made me see how controlled by it I am.
I have so much stuff it’s embarrassing.
I have started cleaning out my wardrobe, far too many things with tags still on, and I have not bought anything new all month.
My protocol has me shopping 4 times per year for clothing and home wears and buying all gifts for each month on the first Sunday of the month.
I am seeing that the shopping was keeping me from the house.
And the reason for this is because I think if I am at home all day I will eat all the food and get fat.
I had no idea this was the driver.
This work is confronting but so worth it.
The shit our brains think!
Just wanted to share.