It sounds ridiculous that at my age (55) I am overwhelmed with the decision as to ‘who I am going to be when I grow up?’ But I am.
I have had a successful career in real estate and raised my kids who are now all at university or senior years at school.
I want a change.
I can afford financially to do something for love first, income second.
There are things I enjoy.
Ideas that I have.
But I get overwhelmed with all the options, all the possibilities.
I go from enrolling in a Masters program, to doing charity work, to setting up my own NFP, to starting a new business, to opening a dance school (I know random but I love dance and studied ballroom for many years ), to study and around and around again I go.
Then I just day dream of gardening all day long instead.
I know I want to get my teeth into something, to explore something new.
But what?
What is a valuable use of my time? What is my purpose in this second part of my life?
I feel this sense that I need to do something worthy and valuable. I know this comes from my past. Our real estate business in Sydney is very well known and successful. It has been an amazing journey with my husband and we have created a fantastic life for ourselves and our families and employ a lot of people. I am proud of this. But the work, it just drains me, it isn’t where I want to go. But my dreams of dancing, gardening, study seem so small next to our business success.
I would love some guidance here as I feel I have been in this place of indecision and overwhelm for far too long.
Thank you!!