I have been making a conscious decision to bring good energy to my workplace and relationship with my mother in law. To show up each day as engaged and connected and to listen to others and have a solutions focused mindset. I have seen a real change in how I feel obviously but also I am significantly less tired at the end of the week and I have moved from describing my work as a ‘toxic mess’ to ‘complicated’. It is complicated because many of those on my team are negative, they complain a lot, they drag their feet, they life for Friday and pretty much admit openly they are in their profession because it is well paid, not for love or even interest. This means the general ‘vibe’ of the place is pretty average. I have improved my energy, but I also know that I cant change what is an intrenched attitude. The organisation I work for is a bit of a revolving door for mid level staff who realise its ‘complicated’ and move on, but for those like me who stuck it out and are now senior management and with families and more financial commitments, the bait to stay is financial security.
So as I write this I realise. I have gotten to that place you talked about in January! Get happy then leave, or stay, just dont leave in a blaze of fire and hate and anger.
It’s time. I can stay and feel good. But I dont want to.
So there is no question. Just thanks. Can’t wait to see what the next 6 months brings! Xxooxx