So the last 6 months I committed to loosing weight. I committed to loosing 8 kilos. I have lost 2. I spent last month feeling like a total failure…and overeating, surprise surprise. I have pulled myself out of that funk and am back on track in terms of eating but the biggest realisation this month is that I exercise to ‘out run’ a poor diet. I have always exercised, I’m that lady who is at the gym every day for an hour sweating it out, but still in size 14 leggings day in day out. If I overeat I train longer, I know it doesn’t work, but my mind thinks that is the solution. The next 6 months I want to drop the last 6 kg and need to get out of this running from fat mentality. What do you suggest in terms of movement, should I keep doing what I am doing, change it up?