Hi Laura,
Hope you’re well.
I’m writing for some advice.
I cannot get myself out of this ‘funk’ in my head at the moment- I’m in a very negative nasty mindset and all I can see is my flaws and not enough.
Most of it I’m ashamed to say is superficial-
I’m too fat, look disgusting, not a good mother, not rich, not stylish, not in a nice home, don’t have money, can’t afford fancy holidays or any holiday really, waste money on programs and don’t change, what am I exactly doing and going in my life- nowhere!
All I can see is my ‘not enough’ ness
This is causing me to eat crap, feel shitty, get angry, hate myself all day and compare myself all day.
I know my thoughts create my actions but how do I stop when I really do believe I’m actually not enough!?!
Please help!