This months work is SO timely. I have been in a career for 20 years, have had great success, but have for as long as I can remember, felt compromised. I work in an industry that goes against my values, we sell people things they dont need. It is based around consumerism, lack, desire, being prettier, thinner, better…its all so superficial and not aligned with my values.
I know this.
I have known this for sometime deep inside.
This months work I have gone through like a bowl of ice cream! I have devoured it and for the first time am admitting out loud that it is time for change.
My purpose this month is to listen to my inner self and honour what is true.
I tended my resignation on Wednesday.
I dont have financial pressures so decided to give myself the space to release the last 20 years, reflect on what I have learnt and decide what comes next.
THANK YOU SO MUCH LAURA. It has taken my 20 years to find you and in 3 short months of this program I have grown more, discovered more, and found myself for the the first time.