HI Laura.
Thank you for your work and the podcast and this program. I really am so grateful to have you in my life every month. Its crazy I tell my husband I have a ‘date with Laura’ when we have calls or I take a walk to listen to the podcast and he askes me regularly ‘how is Laura going?’ yet we live on different sides of the country and have never met in person.
Thank you for creating such a safe space for all of us to learn, grow, fall down, drop the balls and get back up all the while knowing we are loved and supported.

My question is: How do I know if I have chosen the ‘right’ purpose or if I am in a life and job that is wrong for me? What are the signposts? I sometimes question myself as to if I am not living my purpose or if I am just lazy/feeling uncomfortable and scared and looking for an excuse to be lazy.