So I have a food protocol for this month.
Breakfast 10am – 2 eggs on seed bread
Lunch 1pm – salad or soup with chicken or lentils
Snack 4pm (I really do need one I am quite active) – avocardo 1/2 on seed bread
Dinner 7pm – steamed veggies with fish or chicken
I have stuck to it for 11 days today and feel bloody amazing. More energy, better sleep, lost bloated tummy and a little bit of weight, not having coffee was hard for 3 days but now feel like I have more energy.
The protocol was easy, what has been hard is my mind which basically screams at me that I deserve a snack, that Laura is crazy, that this coaching stuff is indulgent, that I need a wine. What is with this? How do I get this internal dialogue under control? It’s funny in some ways, but in the moment its quite challenging to not respond to!